Funeral Costs

Funeral costs from Nicholson Funeral Directors in Carlisle and Longtown

Funeral costs

At Nicholson Funeral Directors in Longtown, Carlisle and Annan, we like to be open with our pricing, which we feel is affordable and competitive.

We are always up front with our fees, and if there are other costs associated with a funeral we manage, they are passed to you at cost price with no additional mark-up or extra charges.

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Professional Service £1650.00 + Disbursements

To cover a traditional crematorium or burial, this fee includes:

Collection of the deceased from their place of passing, bringing them to our chapel of rest. We take all the care necessary and dress them in their own clothes or gown as you choose.

We will meet you at your home or invite you to our office to discuss the arrangements and to help you complete all the required legal paperwork and statutory records.

On your behalf we will liaise with all third parties to be involved, including vicars, ministers, celebrants, the provider of any funeral teas, newspapers, the crematorium etc. so you can be sure that the funeral will take place without worry.

We offer unlimited viewing at our private chapel of rest, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, alongside a traditional oak or elm veneered coffin is included, with full interior, six gold handles and name plate.

We provide the hearse, chauffeur and funeral director.

Optional extras:

  • Limousine with chauffeur £150
  • Bearers £50 each
  • Oak ashes casket £75
  • Picture scatter tube £40
  • Reception into church the day before funeral £120
  • Reception into home £120

If you would prefer a different type of coffin, such as willow, wicker, picture, solid wood or an American style casket, we can advise you on the extra costs during our initial meeting.

Simple Cremation £1250 + disbursement costs

Collection of the deceased who will be brought to our private chapel. We will provide the care and preparation of the deceased, and meet with you at your house or our office to complete all legal paperwork and arrangements.

No viewing is available.

A plain oak coffin with interior and 4 handles is provided, alongside a plain ashes casket.  A hearse, driver, funeral director is included, and we will liaise with a Vicar/Celebrant (cost not included) to ensure the cremation runs without concern or any need for you to worry about plans and arrangements on the day.

Direct Cremation £650 + disbursement costs

We will collect the deceased who will be brought to our chapel, cared for and prepared before being placed in the provided plain coffin. Cremation ashes will be returned to yourselves with the included ashes urn.  We will meet with you to complete all legal paperwork.

There is no viewing or funeral service with the direct cremation.  The ashes are returned to you to hold your own memorial or celebration of life service at a later date.

Affordable Cremations in Longtown and Carlisle from Nicholson Funeral Directors

Disbursment costs

There are some standard costs associated with all funerals that we are not able to control ourselves, since they involve 3rd party providers for these services, however we do organise these on your behalf to ensure everything runs smoothly for you.

Fees that may be required on top of our own cover the following areas:

  • Crematorium
  • Church/graveyard/woodland burial
  • Vicars/Ministers/Priests/Celebrants/Humanists
  • Doctor's fees to sign crematorium forms
  • Newspaper notice
  • Funeral teas
  • Order of service sheets
  • Gravediggers
  • Headstones and Inscriptions etc.

Disbursment costs will be charged to the customer at cost price, we do not add any arrangement fees and will be happy to give you an estimate of these costs at your request.

Affordable Cremations in Longtown and Carlisle from Nicholson Funeral Directors
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